There’s plenty of share-worthy content living on the internet. Your options for sharing that content depends on whether or not your friends are where you are. CloudSponge absorbs your address book contacts from the cloud and lets you “ring” them out where you need them to be. Their SaaS product is changing the way companies handle referral programs, finding friends online, crowdfunding, fundraising, and more. With clients like AirBnb, Yelp, JibJab, GoFundMe, Nextdoor, and others, CloudSponge is playing an important role – from sharing useful information, to spreading hope.

Silk business cards with spot uv

We caught up with Founder and CEO, Jay Gibb, to find out what makes them legit.

Getting to know CloudSponge

The best SciFi franchise is?

I watched Star Trek and ST:TNG with my Dad almost every day when I was a teenager, so it’s my favorite because of the good memories.

How are you changing the world?

We sell software that companies use to access their users’ address books in dozens of webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL.

How important is design and branding for you?

Our customers need to get a professional and trustworthy impression from our branding and design elements.

If you could go back in time to when you started your company, what would you do differently?

I would develop a company culture with marketing-first mindset. Every person in the entire company needs to think about how they can contribute to marketing activities with everything they’re doing.

What did you print with Legit?

Business cards for our executive team.

What kind of feedback do you receive on your Legit cards?

Many people have commented on the subtle glossy spot varnish touches.

Why do you work with Legit Print?

Justin is a very helpful guy. He took the time to teach me about my paper and printing options and he helped me make the right decisions.

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