This is a letter to all small business owners.

I write this from the comfort and safety of my own home while sipping on a Highland Scotch – the good stuff, as times like these call for. I hope you are safe at home reading this. I know you’ve heard it a lot lately, but we certainly are in unprecedented times. In this century we have not experienced a pandemic that has struck down our health and our economy like COVID-19 has. By the end of this, I don’t believe any of us will be able to grasp the number of cases or lives the novel Coronavirus has claimed.

There’s another particular number we’re concerned about here at Legit Print: the number of local small businesses that will fall victim to this pandemic. With stay-at-home orders sweeping states throughout the country, consumer spending on non-essential products and services is down and small businesses are hurting. 

I started Legit Print serving local small businesses in my town. I could relate to every small business because I was a small business. I understood the synergy that naturally existed so that we could all benefit. The synergy, once made up of ambition and fear, is now made up of hope and the same fear — just amplified 100x. That synergy, the same one that grew my business and your business, is more important now than ever. We need to keep it in tact, we need to remain hopeful and resilient.

#ShopLocal by Legit Print

We cannot let this pandemic claim the lives of our small businesses. The Legit team mobilized to come up with a solution to combat the effects the Coronavirus is having on small businesses throughout the country. Working tirelessly over the last two weeks, we are ready to deploy our #ShopLocal emergency print store

Helping Small Businesses

The #ShopLocal print store offers pre-designed, made-to-order print and signage products. These items have been strategically curated to help local small businesses be more visible and encourage customers to #shoplocal during this time. This will help restaurant owners, gyms, retail stores and boutiques, service providers and more. 

Standing With Healthcare Workers

We have also been in communication with healthcare professionals on the front lines to come up with solutions that can aid them in the hospitals. We have CDC approved healthcare resources like flyers and posters. These resources can help both healthcare personnel and patients stay safe and steril while interacting with each other.

Our Commitment To Move Swiftly

Everything on the #ShopLocal Legit Print store is only priced to cover our costs to make something like this available. Which means; these items are highly discounted compared to what goes into designing and printing something custom. We’ve also put all items on top tier production priority. Which means; everything has free expedited production. Most items can be produced and shipped out to anywhere in the United States in as little as 1-2 business days. 

If you manage a hospital or are a healthcare worker, your orders will be prioritized first. Please get in touch if there are things you need that we do not have listed,

In the coming days, through a series of posts; we will be deep diving into how specific industries are being affected and going over how to effectively utilize the items available in the #ShopLocal print store

If you are a designer and would like to donate your services to help us create, please feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram @legitprint

There’s no sugar coating it. We will come out on the other side of this, but it will take time. Even when things “go back to normal”, they won’t snap back right away. Now is the time to be creative and agile. We can and will get through this together. Please take care and be safe. 



Justin C. Kwok 
Founder, Legit Print