We hope you all have been hanging in there; fighting boredom with productivity, fighting financial distress with hopeful outlook, and fighting mental health issues with discussion. We are all fighting at this point. With everything going on in our personal lives, it’s easy to forget that essential workers and healthcare professionals are also still fighting for us.

How We’re Helping Donate PPE

A few weeks back, Dr. Karen Tsai, a physician at USC Medical Center, spoke with us about the on-going battle with COVID-19. We learned that healthcare workers and medical centers across the country are still short on PPE and desperately need more to treat patients safely. Dr. Tsai told us about the non-profit she co-founded called DonatePPE.Org. Their mission is to raise money and awareness of PPE shortages so that they can get personal protection equipment in the hands of the people that need them. So far, they’ve donated 1.2M PPE to hospitals nationwide.

She reached out to us because legendary cartoonist, Guy Gilchrist, jumped on board to help their cause by creating a collection of cartoon characters called The PPE Pals. Guy is most famously known for his works “The Muppets” among others like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Pink Panther”, “Tiny Toons” and more. His original creation, PPE Pals, features animals portrayed as various healthcare professionals. PPE Pals was created in black and white so that they could be colored in by kids and adults. Studies show activities like coloring work to combat mental health issues like anxiety — which all of us are feeling more than ever now.

Dr. Tsai wanted to see if Legit Print would join as their corporate print sponsor to help businesses promote their business, help people cope with mental health, and help DonatePPE.Org raise awareness and money. Of course we said yes! We will be printing 4.25 x 5.5″ postcards with the PPE Pals on them on 14pt uncoated stock that businesses can sponsor and that people can color in to battle anxiety while quarantined at home.

How Your Business Can Help

We know a lot of small businesses are hurting right now and business has slowed quite a bit for you. But we also know you are looking for ways you can do your part in the fight against COVID-19. Well, we’re offering you an easy way to do that, while promoting your business. When you sponsor a run of PPE Pals Postcards, your logo will be printed on them. These postcards double as “thank you” cards for your customers as they support you during this time. In addition to your sponsored logo, you will be able to put 1 custom sentence to thank your customers properly.

We will also be donating a percentage of the profits generated from PPE Pals Postcards back to DonatePPE.Org. So your sponsorship will not only help people with mental health issues and promote DonatePPE.Org, but it will also provide funding to them as well.

How Does It Work?

Once you purchase a run of PPE Pals Postcards, we will include your logo and your custom sentence and send you a proof for approval. Then we will beging print production. When we finishing printing, we’ll ship them directly to you so that you can distribute them at your place of business.

How Should I Distribute Them?

It depends what kind of business you have and how many customers you can reach. If your business is  a local restaurant like our friends at Menya Hanabi, a Japanese Mazesoba restaurant in Arcadia, CA, then you can slip the PPE Pals Postcards into your curbside pick-up and delivery orders. If you are in a professional services business like a real estate agent, website design firm, etc, then you can simply mail them out to your customers. If your business ships products to customers, you could insert PPE Pals Postcards into your orders during the packing process.

Also think about your customer volume to determine how large of a run you need. We can print runs as little as 25 pieces, or as many as 100,000+ pieces, if needed.

We hope PPE Pals Postcards will help businesses, people, and essential workers everywhere. On behalf of DonatePPE.Org, Guy Gilchrist, and Legit Print, we thank you for your support.

Read more about our DonatePPE.Org partnership.

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